Monday, April 6, 2009

Time Flies

It is so hard to believe that we have been home for 2 weeks now. I can not believe we have been and have been home for this long. Time flies... Well, I thought I would let everyone know that we had an amazing time. We were able to do more prayer walkings than we had originally thought we would do. We were able to start and FINISH painting the church! We were also able to witness to one individual face to face (which is a rare thing there). I have never felt Satan and God so strongly before. It was such a different experience that I just simply can not explain. We were able to be of much assistance for the missionaires while we were there. I kept telling the group even if it did not seem as though we were doing anything for the island, they should know that being there to encourage the missionaries was a mission in itself. They were so appreciative of our coming and we were and continue to be appreciative of them letting us! Thank you to all who prayed for us and kept us in your daily thoughts. We really could feel all of them. When the heat got so hot with no air conditioner and we wanted to kill each other because we were with each other all day, it was your prayers that kept us all alive. When we went prayer walking on a drug and homosexual beach it was your prayers for strength that we were able to take another step. When we were eating duck that had been soaking for 6 MONTHS...and pig intestines... it was your prayers that kept in down and no one got sick. When huge bugs invited themselves in our bungalow it was your prayers that kept us from screaming. When we were tired... it was your prayers that kept us sane and comforted. So thank you for each and everyone of them! We will be forever grateful!!!

To God be ALL the Glory!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leaving is Hours away.....

As we are trying to get things together to leave. The animals are all situated in various places. Plans have been made. Bags are getting packed... I sit here in amazement of Jesus! It is crazy to think a little less than one year ago, we began to plan this trip and now tomorrow morning we will be on our way. Please keep us in your prayers! We will be driving to Memphis in the morning to catch a plane to OH, then from there we will fly to Paris, France... on to St. Denis, Reunion Island. Arriving on Saturday (still friday in the states). Once we land in St. Denis we will have to rent a car and drive to St. Leu, Reunion Island, which is about 70 miles away. So this will be a long trip, please pray for us and our journey. Pray that God would be glorified and NOT us. Pray that we will shine HIS light and love. Pray that we all are healthy and remain that way until we return (and there after ;) ... Pray, Pray, Pray... Satan is real, he will try to take the joy of this trip but through the blood of Jesus, he wont. We love all of you and can't wait to tell you all about it when we return!!!! Talk to you in 13 days!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This is for Lori Palmer

Today the time changed!!! We are now on daylight saving time. Loosing an hour of sleep is difficult for me. haha. In 4 days we will be loosing 9 hours of sleep. Because in 4 days we will be on our way to Reunion Island!!! We are so excited and we know that God is going to do great things in and through us while we are there. There has been people saying we are simply going on Vacation... that is the furthest from the truth!!! It angers me and saddens my heart to think that someone would call our calling from the Lord a Vacation. I don't believe that God ever takes vacations and therefore we should never take vacations (never cease sharing His love). So to all of you who are downing our trip... I pray you get to see great rewards on our behalf. And even if you don't, I am not worried about that. We are doing exactly what God has called us to do, so you can either see it as a "God thing" or a self-centered decision. We are certain that HIS word does NOT return void!!!

On to better things...
We are now officially a group of six! A sweet couple from my home church in Tennessee gave Brad and Emily their frequent flyer miles and helped purchase their tickets!! We will all be there together! I am sure you are wondering what it is we will be doing while we are there... well....
We have 4 prayer walks scheduled. We will be visiting with an older man who has no family or friends. We will be leading the Bible end of a surf camp. (The missionaries are surf instructors.) We will be working on the inside of a church building and trying to get it all ready for the church to function at a working level. In the mist of this all we will be SERVING THE GREATEST GOD THERE EVER WAS, EVER IS, AND EVER WILL BE!!! Please keep us all in your prayers! We are all very excited and anxious at the same time. Thank you for your concern and love!!!

Names of the folks going:
Rebecca Wise
Dusty Wise
Patrick Singley
Leslie Singley
Brad Bibb
Emily Bibb

Sunday, January 4, 2009

4 Tickets have been purchased!!

I felt as though I shouldn't wait any longer on getting our tickets with Patrick and Leslie so I purchased them just the other day! Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for Brad and Emily as they seek God in financial matters. Thank you to all that pray for us!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well today is Christmas day! So Merry Christmas everyone!! I must say that I am seriously stressed out today. I have been waiting and waiting on our friends to get their tickets but they have not gotten any money. So because of our waiting I have let the price of our tickets go up 200 dollars. I am at a lost as to what I am supposed to do. I could just scream. I hate pressure like this. So please pray that I would have a peace about everthing

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Do you ever wish you could figure God out? Or do you wish that the plan God has was clearer? I know I do, especially now. We, as most of you know, have already bought our plan tickets to Paris (which is our half way point) but we were waiting on Brad and Emily in order to purchase our connecting flight. Well, when I first started looking at the connecting flights they were about 1200 well while having to wait they went down to 876.00... but they have now gone back up to 1,022.00. Please pray that we will be able to purchase the tickets soon, and that the price will go down. I love each and every one of you. KEEP PRAYING!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Whoever says there is no God is crazy and lost beyond all measure. God has been revealing Himself to not only me but to others in our small group. As for Emily and Brad Bibb (the last two that were added) they have really been experiencing God first hand. When Dusty and I first started beginning to get this trip together I felt Emily was supposed to go but when I asked her if she would be interested in going she said, "it sounds fun but I just don't feel as though I am supposed to go"... after much praying, God laid it on her heart to go with us. Not only did He lay this Reunion Mission trip on her heart He has also laid Missions in general on her heart. Praise the Lord. God is amazing and is doing great things and will continue to do great things throughout our trip and even after. Sean and Jessica Reagan (the missionaries) felt God laid it on them to support us in coming to Reunion to be with them. NEVER in all my mission trips has anyone sent money back to the States to help us get there. God is so great!

As of now, we are going to purchase our tickets from Paris to St. Denis on December 15th (hopefully). Brad and Emily have a long way to go in raising money but we have a God that is capable of doing anything.

*Please pray that God would send money for Brad and Emily
*Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the people we will come in contact with
*Please pray that we will be in HIS will only with all of our doings, here and there.
*Pray for Sean and Jessica along with their two beautiful children.

Thank you so much for your support and love. We could never thank you all enough!
Love, Rebecca